Construction Services

CCC Group provides full Construction support to CCEL’s EPC project execution. Advantages of this are:

  • Full integration of CCC vast construction experience from an early stage of the project allowing constructability to be incorporated into maintaining a reliable project schedule.
  • A complete range of capabilities in the field of onshore and offshore construction projects, including oil and gas plants, refineries and petrochemical facilities, pipelines, power and desalination plants, water and sewage treatment plants, etc.
  • CCC has extensive owned resources of construction plant and equipment to draw from for major projects with assets of over 14,775 units worldwide valued over US$ 1.0 Billion.
  • Extensive experience with local country laws and regulations, employs and trains local labour and add in country value to each project and to local economy.
  • Approximately 172,000 people employed in its worldwide operation.
  • Mobilization of Construction, Pre-Commissioning / Commissioning and Start-up / Plant handover staff from CCC’s extensive staff pool.

CCEL Construction Benefits

In addition to CCC Group full construction support, CCEL offers a complete range of construction management services using only experienced and qualified, high performance project teams based at Abu Dhabi head office. CCEL utilizes its own resources to supervise and carry out all construction planning, construction execution, commissioning, start-up management, and handover of projects to attain final completion ensuring seamless transition from one stage of a project to the next. Our Core Construction Team will be established immediately after contracts award and will be actively involved during design phase in constructability studies, HAZOP reviews, and preparation of construction and through commissioning/start-up procedures.

CCEL also establishes a team environment with the client to ensure that a safe, operable plant is handed over to operations, both on schedule and within budget.