Quality Policy Statement

  • We shall listen to our customers’ voice so that we can understand, meet and exceed their needs.


  • We strive to be perceived by our customers as a company whose products, service and support consistently exceeds those of our competitors.


  • We will continuously improve our products, services and processes using clearly defined methodologies and making data based decisions.


  • We shall work to build a company that is regarded by its employees as one they are proud to work for, that communicates with them, listens and responds appropriately, values them and invests in them.


  • In the event that one of our customers has a problem with our products or our actions, we will react immediately and resolve it to the customers satisfaction.


  • Wherever possible, we will do what we have agreed to do, keeping our customers informed of progress.


  • We aim to comply with the requirements of our ISO certification and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.


                 Quality Objectives

        We aim to:  

  • Involve Senior Managers of the Company in the continued improvement and development of the QMS


  • Continue to improve QMS familiarisation at the Management / Leadership level


  • Continue to improve QMS familiarisation with mid level and junior staff


  • Build on Customer relationships by requesting feedback on performance on a regular basis, i.e. 3 months after project kick off, mid point and end of project periods


  • Promote and build on Staff Improvement Notices (SIN’s) for all staff to have a greater involvement in production and amendment of Company procedures