Construction Services

CCEL offers a complete range of construction management services using only experienced & qualified, high performance project team. Construction is subcontracted, but utilizing of only client approved ones.

CCEL utilizes its own resources to carry out all construction planning & construction management, and the handover of projects as well as all other works to attain the final completion.

CCEL works with the clients to ensure that a safe, operable plant is handed over to operations, both on schedule and within budget.

CCEL succeeds by implementing the following strategy:

  • The CCEL Proposal and Estimations Department oversees the handover of the proposal to the CCEL Project Manager. The Project Manager is appointed by the Project Operations Manager. The Project Manager is selected based on his experience, professional qualifications and over suitability for the project.
  • Throughout the design and procurement phase, the projects are managed from CCEL office in Musaffah Industrial Estate, Abu Dhabi. At the appropriate time the Project Manager will relocate to the site, and will therefore be available to manage all necessary on-site activity.
  • The Project Manager is the single point of contact with the client and will be responsible for management and execution of the EPC contract including any contractual and technical issues that may arise.
  • CCEL has developed and implemented its own Standard Operating Procedures, however each procedure is modified for each specific project needs and all procedures are pre-approved by the client.
  • CCEL has a worldwide network for purchasing of equipment and materials.
  • The Project Leads from each function report directly to the Project Manager. These functions include HSE, project engineering, contracts and procurement, project controls, construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning, quality assurance and administration.